As a trusted local locksmith in columbia sc, we constantly see locksmith scam business listings all over the internet( google yahoo bing ), is happening in our own background of Columbia, SC.

We hope to help put an end to these scams in order to be sure that when you are in need of a locksmith, you are certain you are being helped by a professional. View this very informative video and transcript put together by the Society of Professional Locksmiths to help you spot and avoid a locksmith scam.

1. How To Spot & Avoid A Locksmith Scam

Locksmith Scam page how it works 1Look for a Real Local Locksmith ( IN YOUR AREA ) that actually shows his face ( LIKE US ). Legitimate locksmiths are proud of who they are, and they will gladly show their face.
If you find a Legitimate Locksmith shop ( Like We Got ) that has an actual address, go and verify that address. Go to that actual location and verify it in person. Now, bear in mind, 50-70 percent of legitimate locksmiths are mobile shop owners.

2. Search Engine ( google – yahoo – bing Etc… ) Locksmith Issue!

Locksmith Scam page how it works 3
Maybe this has happened to you.?! Locked out of your car or home, you pull out your phone and type “locksmith” into Google yahoo bing etc…. Up pops a list of names, the most promising of which appear beneath the paid ads, in space reserved for local service companies.

fake and scam locksmith  Locksmith Scam Screen Shot 2016 09 28 at 1
fake and scam locksmith

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Locksmith Scam

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